Frame Your Memories And Put Them On Display

Posted on: 24 October 2017

When you want to display photographs, prints or original artworks, you'll want to use a frame to protect the picture and make it stand out. This combination of practicality and attractiveness is the reason homes all over the world have walls of pictures proudly displayed in frames.

Really, though, anything suitably flat can be put into a frame. If you have drawers and boxes filled with objects that have sentimental value or form part of a collection, they don't really get the attention they deserve. Putting them into frames and displaying them in a group on a prominent wall is an excellent way to show off your memories.

Take a look at these ideas for items you can display in custom framing to create your own memory wall.


Sometimes, pieces of jewellery are inherited or otherwise obtained that have great sentimental value but are never worn. What better way to get them noticed than to display them in a beautiful frame?

For most types of jewellery, you'll need to remove the glass from the frame. Then simply find a nice backing card or paper, fix the jewellery in place, and hang it somewhere it will be seen. This works especially well with brooches and necklaces, but you can also make amazing displays with smaller pieces in combination.


If you're a keen traveller, you've probably found yourself with leftover money from all around the world. Both notes and coins can be put into frames for display, making a great centrepiece for a wall of travel memories.


When someone gives you flowers, they'll eventually die and need to be removed from their vase. Instead of throwing them away, press them until they're dry and put them into a frame to keep forever.


Old ticket stubs are a popular thing to keep as a reminder of exciting and fun events. Some people build up quite a collection, which can give you plenty of scope for making interesting arrangements in frames. Every time you look at them you'll remember all of the things you've done.

Greeting cards

There are several times a year you'll probably be given cards, which normally either get stuffed in boxes or thrown away after a week or so. You can create collages in frames, either with whole cards or select details cut out of the design. Combine them with snippets of nice wrapping paper to remember birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations.


One of the most popular things to collect, you might not want to put any valuable stamps in frames, but the more common ones can be used to make intriguing collages. This is particularly nice if you save stamps from letters that mean something special to you.


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